How to use our Service

We are here to support your search for suitable and rewarding volunteer opportunities in Kenya. We do this by acting as a link between people who want to volunteer and organisations that are looking to involve volunteers. We can help you find a volunteer opportunity with one of the hundreds of organisations registered with us or simply give you advice on the how, what and where of volunteering in general. Your first step is to register with us. As a registered volunteer we provide you with advice and support on volunteering. You will also receive invitations to our events and regular latest volunteering opportunities.


You can register online by filling in the form below.

In person

Call or email us to make an appointment. While our door is always open for drop-ins, it is best to make an appointment to make sure we have someone available to meet with you.

By phone

You can ring the office on +254 720 856 146 and we can register you over the phone.

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  • Registration Fee

    € 200
    Non Refundable
  • Volunteer Placement Fee

    € 2,200
    Per 4 Weeks
  • Intern Placement Fee

    € 2,000
    Per 4 Weeks