People Living with Physical & Mental Disabilities

Placement logistics works with various community projects that supports children living with various physical and mental disabilities.

Some of these include: Autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral Palsy. Volunteer placements in this program are based in schools for the disabled and rehabilitative health centres where services include: Staff in disability programs work to teach children the social skills necessary to maintain a successful life when they become adults.

Some of these community organizations support children with disabilities in an inclusive environment where children with disabilities learn with other children, which helps foster acceptance and helps breaks long held prejudices in the community about people with disabilities. Many of these community organizations are understaffed, so they are in constant need of volunteer support.

Volunteers in this program provide care for children with disabilities in several important ways, depending on their interests and qualifications. In the past, for example, volunteers have assisted in cleaning and caring for the children, teaching, playing etc.