1. Do I have to be of a particular nationality to be eligible to participate in your program?

No, there is no restriction as to nationality, and most of our volunteers are from different Countries. Anyone can volunteer as long as they are able to gain visas for Kenya. We are unable to provide assistance in obtaining visas and do not write letters in support of visa applications. Also note that you must volunteer outside your home country to take part in PLL placements.

2. Are there any age restrictions for participants?

Yes. We accept volunteers from age 18 – 60 years. PLL encourages senior volunteers who have specific professional occupations. Most importantly, a volunteer needs to be self-sufficient, independent, and be able to travel alone in a foreign country. Certain placements have a lower age limit of 21, and this is specified where applicable; we are happy to accept mature individuals for our programs.

3. Do I have to go to land in Mombasa before going to a placement in another town/ city?

Yes. Mombasa is the central entry point .You may volunteer in any town / city (where we have placements) within the time limit of your placement.

4. How long do the programs last?

PLL placements last from 4 weeks – 12 weeks. Our model is built upon outsourced long term partnerships with local ground operators. Our partners have well established programs and all the in depth knowledge of the local needs and challenges to ensure the right mix of projects which add real value to the local communities.

5. Can I extend my stay to more than 12 weeks?

Currently our placements are maximum 12 weeks. This is partly due to high rates of unemployment in Kenya where long term placements are seen to take the place of paid employment that could otherwise be filled by the local population. Also this is to avoid the complicated process of renewing the tourist visa.

6. Why pay to volunteer?

Fees are required in return for the service of developing placements and creating and coordinating an individual program. PLL is a not-for-profit organisation, and the funding of all PLL activities is covered by a contribution received from the participating volunteer. The fees you pay cover the costs involved in creating and maintaining an organized and safe program for you to engage in meaningful volunteer in Kenya. Most people will find it a more cost effective and fulfilling experience to have a program arranged by PLL before they depart, rather than to hope for the best as they go.

7. How far in advance do I need to apply for a program?

Application should be 3 – 6 months in advance to get a suitable placement and first preferences. Application and registration fee is applicable to book a placement.

8. Will I have support while volunteering?

Yes. PLL office is in Mombasa Kenya and can be contacted 24 hours 7 days a week. The placement organisation and the host family is able to assist if you have a problem while at the placement. However volunteers should be able to travel independently in the local areas and note expect to be guided all the time.

9. Is Placement Logistics Limited a legitimate organisation?

Yes. Placement Logistics Limited is a Government Registered, company.

10. Do I need specific Experience?

No. Although many placements do not require experienced volunteers, some hosts do stipulate that a placement needs a volunteer with specific skills. This usually applies to placements relating to scientific research, where competition for placements is high and hosts select the most qualified volunteers. Placements requiring specific skills and/or experience are generally included in the specialist program categories.

11. Can we volunteer in a group?

Certainly. All groups, including couples, families and friends can live and volunteer together. Corporate groups, school classmates, university students and religious groups. We can create tailored group placements based on your requirements.

12. Can I go with my friends, partner or spouse?

Yes. You can specify that you want a program devised for more than one person. Please indicate if it is a friend / spouse so as to give detailed information to the host family. Some host families do not accept couples so other alternative accommodation will be arranged.

13 .Do I need a Visa?

Yes. The volunteer needs to apply for a tourist visa online which is valid for 3 months only and costs about USD 55. It is your responsibility to apply for the tourist visa. Make sure you apply for the visa in good time (at least 1 month before your placement start date).

14 .What Languages do I need?

What Languages do I need? English is the official language. Kiswahili is an added advantage.

15 .What if the placement is in a dangerous area?

PLL does not send volunteers to a placement if there is a clear risk of violence, political uprising or natural disasters. In most cases the placements will be cancelled if such dangers exist and replaced to another placement area.

16 . Do you help with travel arrangements?

Yes. Local travel costs by public transport to the placements are included in the placement fee.

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